Beware! Built-In Keylogger Discovered In Several HP Laptop Models

Do you have Hewlett-Packard (HP) laptop? If Yes, then simply stop whatever you are doing on your PC right now. This may sound pretty odd and peculiar as recently, built-in keylogger discovered in several HP laptop models.


Brands tend to make life as easy as possible for users, giving them functionality that often has hidden dangers.

HP, a well-known brand of computers, now has a new problem at hand. It has been discovered that the audio driver of your machines has a keylogger installed and the collected data can be easily stolen.

The discovery of this new situation was made by the security company Modzero, which detected on HP computers a running application that registered all the keys that the user used.

After analyzing the MicTray64.exe process, which accompanies the Conexant audio driver, it has discovered that in addition to the key logs, these keys are saved in full view.

The list of equipment is extensive, being affected more than 28 computers. A list of this equipment can be found below.

This keylogger is present in an audio driver that comes with HP computers and is intended to detect if one of the keys associated with audio control has been clicked. It would not be a problem if these logs were not being saved to a file easily accessible in Windows.

Malware created to exploit this vulnerability could quickly access user-entered data, including access data to any service and its passwords.

The simplest way to detect whether the keylogger is active on your HP computer is by detecting the presence of one of the following applications in Windows

C: Windows System32 MicTray64.exe
C: Windows System32 MicTray.exe

If one of them is present, you must remove it or rename it so that it is not executed and the data is not collected.

HP is already working to resolve this issue, and will soon be releasing an update to fix it. Interestingly, the previous version of this driver, dated 2015, did not have this application present.

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